Students attending this course can choose between two different exam types:

The oral colloquium is designed to evaluate the critical skills and methodological knowledge gained by the student.

Reaching a clear view of all the course topics as well as using a correct language terminology will be valued with maximum rankings. Mnemonic knowledge of the course topics or not completely appropriate terminology will be valued with intermediate rankings. Unknown topics or inappropriate terminology use will be valued, depending on the seriousness of the omissions, with minimal or insufficient rankings.

With regard to the project report, a critical analysis of the problem and the proposed solution(s) as well as a proper evaluation of the proposed solution(s) are required to get maximum rankings.

The date for the exam can be arranged by appointment contacting the teacher. The report must be sent to the teacher at least 7 days before the exam date.

In any case, once fixed the exam date, it is compulsory to register for the exam using the online procedure.