Corpus Query Language

Search corpora in non-annotated form:

IMS/CWB Style Description and Examples
"word" Single word query
Inside the double quotation marks you can use regular expressions
"\047" Apostrophe (it is a special character and creates problems if you insert "'".)
"word"%c Single word query (case insensitive)
"word1" "word2" Concatenation Operator.
Example: "the" "book"
"word1" | "word2" OR Operator.
Example: "the" ("beautiful" | "red") "book"
"word1" []{0,AFT} "word2" Retrieve all the occurrences of word2 in the context
following the word word2.
Example: "the" []{0,4} "book"
            the book of
            the beautiful red book

Search corpora in ANNOTATED form:

IMS/CWB Style Description and Examples

Single pos or lemma query.
    [pos="NN"] -> all the common nouns (see the PoS-tag list)
    [lemma="andare"] -> all the forms corresponding to the lemma "andare"
[word="word1" & pos="pos-tag"] Search a word with a specific PoS-tag.
Example:     [word="amo" & pos="NN"]

Or search a word that DOES NOT have a specific PoS-tag.
Example:     [word="amo" & pos!="NN"]

For more query options please refer to sections 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and A.1 of IMS/CQP Tutorial.

In order to help the tagging process, CORIS and CODIS have been tokenised by considering some multi-word expressions as a single token. Here you can find the list of considered MWE extracted from the De Mauro/Paravia (2000) dictionary.